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MSNET_Logo Data Analyst Toolkit - Prerequisites

 Data Analyst Toolkit requires the Microsoft .NET Framework version 2.0 or greater to run (it will be installed automatically if not present on your machine).

Caution Disclaimer

We’re happy to offer Data Analysts Toolkit, a Universal SQL Client / editor, for free. However, due to the regrettable habit of launching multimillion dollar lawsuits for the most futile pretext, we regret to have to decline all responsibility for loss of life, limb, data, money, time, temper or any other unpleasantness that could result from installing or using this product. We took reasonable care to ensure trouble free operation, but this product is supplied 'as-is', download and use it at your own risk.

DatLogo Data Analyst Toolkit (DAT) - Features Overview

 A simple, yet powerful, free SQL Client that supports popular databases through ODBC.

 Professionals requiring frequent ad-hoc SQL query capabilities as well as occasional users with basic SQL knowledge will appreciate the features (such as syntax highlighting, query history and management, assisted query generation...) and ease of use of Data Analyst Toolkit.

 In addition to the traditional data access features it is meant as a productivity tool and is geared towards data analysts and other professions requiring frequent and easy access to a number of data sources with the objective of understanding their contents more...

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